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All Slugs/Bullets are Heat Treated and Alox Lubed - TriBall Wads are Dusted with Motor Mica & Buffered with Teflon Buffer.


The Original Dixie Terminator12 is a reintroduction of the famous British Paradox Load. Like the original Paradox load, it has a .730"-730 gr hard cast heat treated bullet. Unlike the original, it is loaded today in a modern 3" 12 ga. Mag. hull with modern components. The original Paradox was loaded to two velocity levels...black powder at 1000'/" and Cordite at 1200'/".


The Original Dixie Terminator 12 is loaded to 1250/1275'/" from a Hasting 20" rifled barrel. Longer barrels will produce about 25'/" per extra inch.

This is the Dixie Tri-Ball III (12 ga. 3 1/2") load. Patterns with both Tri-Ball II and Tri-Ball III are very small compared to regular buckshot. Many shooter/hunters add a sight like the Tru-Glo Gobbler Dot to the shotgun's rib.

In the above picture, you can see the three .60 caliber balls from Dixie Tri-ball II (12 ga 3") and Tri-Ball III (3 1/2").

The velocity Of Tri-Ball II is 1050'/" and Tri-ball II is 1150'/" (both from 20" barrels).

The Dixie IXL-DGS is .730" and weighs 870 grs. It is designed for rifled barrels and .729"/.730" bore smoothbore with cylinder chokes. The velocity in the loaded rounds is 1200'/" from 20" 12 gauge 3" Hastings rifled barrels.  Dixie designed his slug as requested by experienced shooters in Alaska. It is a true Dangerous Game slug/bullet that will stand up against the most severe tests! It is cast from our standard bullet alloy and heat-treated.There are other offerings that call themselves DGS (Dangerous Game Slugs) that are nothing more than swaged lead. They will never stand up to the severe situations that the Dixie IXL-DGS is designed for. These slug/bullets will be offered in loaded rounds on the specialized order form and as components.